Vials & Bottles Filling Machines

Our vial filling and closing machines offer flexible solutions for packaging valuable liquid and powder pharmaceutical products. Machines range from stand-alone, low-output units to high-output, automated lines. 

Each project begins with a thorough understanding of our customer’s performance and operation specifications. Whether vials and bottles are processed in bulk or from RTU nests, we develop the right solution to meet your primary packaging objectives.

We tailor build our vial and bottle filling and closing machines to customer specifications and employ advanced technologies for high-quality performance. Features include:

Process Stage

Washing machines move containers through several cleaning and drying stations for complete internal and external cleaning.
Depyrogenation is performed using constantly recirculating hot air and moved to a cooling zone before transferring to downstream processing.
Fill & Close
Containers are filled by servo-controlled filling needles for precise filling tolerances up to +/- 0.05%, capped, and closed in an aseptic environment.
Lyophilization machines can be integrated into a line based on customer specifications.
Labeling modules are compact and flexible to print and apply labels to a variety of sizes and types of vials and bottles.
Tray load
Tray loaders are a precise and compact solution for loading filled containers onto trays for storage.

Our Solutions

Type 302

Washing Machine

Type 303/304/305

Washing Machine

Type 306

Washing Machine

Type 308

Washing Machine

Type 401-40x

Depyrogenation Machine

Type 515

Compact Filling & Closing Machine

Type 534

Filling & Closing Machine

Type 543

Filling & Closing Machine

Type 550

Filling & Closing Machine

Type 309

External Washing Machine

Type 601/602

Labeling Machine

Type 603

Labeling Machine

Type 604

Labeling Machine

Type 703

Tray Loading Machine

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