IV Bags

BAUSCH Consumables, a division of BAUSCH Advanced Technologies, manufactures ready-to-fill IV bags and assembles single-use path kits for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products are made in two ISO 7 cleanrooms in Clinton, CT, allowing for the sterile and expedited delivery of essential consumable components for your fill-finish operations.

Made to order

Ready-to-Fill IV Bags

In response to the global shortage of IV Bags heightened by the pandemic and as a natural extension of our fill-finish expertise, BAUSCH Consumables started manufacturing standard and customized bags for pharmaceutical applications. Our in-house experts can expedite the bag design and materials, and re-tool our bag-making equipment to offer fast delivery of customized, multilayered polypropylene (PP) bags.


Safe, compatible & lightweight

Bags can be made from various multi-layered non-PVC films (gas/vapor barrier, UV barrier, lipid safe, PE contact layer, or a combination of these properties, as applicable). Polypropylene bags have several advantages: safety, compatibility, lightweight, convenience, and more environmentally friendly.

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our Ready-to-Fill IV Bags

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