Retrofitting and Upgrades

The constant advance in technology requires companies to upgrade and/or retrofit their current equipment to meet the latest industry standards.

Retrofitting offers the opportunity to modify and upgrade an old machine in such a way that it can be used in production for many more years. It has the advantage of providing a fully functioning machine that meets the current standards without having to make a major investment in new equipment.

Bausch Advanced Technology Group is able to analyze our customers existing machines and recommend solutions to repair, upgrade, optimize and re-introduce an old machine into a production line.

Depending on the condition of the machine the retrofitting may involve mechanical and/or electrical, pneumatic or software upgrades, like change of mechanical drive to servo drive, improvement of aseptic handling, PLC upgrades, etc.

Bausch takes single source responsibility, including engineering, manufacturing, and installation. On request we are also able to update the operation manual for the machine in question.