Puv-A-Tech TM

(Pulsed Ultra Violet Aseptic TECHnology) for Surface Decontamination Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Transfer Chamber Machine Type 411.

• Up to 6 log reduction
• Pass-through ISO 7/8 into ISO 5/6
• Save time and money without VHP & E-Beam
• Full integration in isolators and cleanrooms
• Semi-automatic & automated
• Custom sizes and solutions

Machine Type 411 Puv-A-Tech™

Puv-A-Tech™ is an enclosed sterile transfer chamber that uses Pulsed Ultra Violet Radiation Light to decontaminate surfaces. This technology is available as a stand-alone or in-line machine and can reach up to a 6-log reduction within 5-30 seconds of exposure time. Components are placed into the chamber by operator or robotic arm and the door is closed to keep the process contained. When the activation button is pressed the decontamination cycle begins. Every cycle (loading, exposure and unloading) will decontaminate the complete interior of the unit and container surfaces in the chamber within 20-60 seconds. Components are removed and ready to proceed to the next processing stage. Features include 100% verification on every cycle.