up to 3,600 pc/hr

Filling & Closing Machine
Type 515

Type 515 is a combination processing machine for vials and syringes. Both vials and syringes are processed in similar ways but have separate size parts that will need to be changed in order to achieve the correct routine. Containers are transported into a star wheel that will move them to the dosing system. Filling needles are controlled by a servo drive for fast and accurate dosing range. Stoppering is fed through a sorting bowl, picked up by a vacuum tool and precisely inserted. Crimp capping is performed and closing monitored through precise torque.

Main Features:

  • Quick and easy size changeovers from Vials to Syringes
  • Laminar flow friendly design for aseptic application
  • Suitable for installation into an isolator
  • Compact machine design with an integrated control cabinet
  • Can be used as stand-alone machine or integrated in a complete processing line
  • Provides optional In Process Check for Filling Accuracy
up to 9,000 pc/hr

Filling & Closing
Type 534

This walking beam transport system machine can process a wide variety of products and components. Due to its modular approach it can be easily customized based on customer specific requirements. Proven assemblies such as the in-feed turntable, high accuracy filling stations, various closing modules for screw and crimp caps, as well as different discharge models are available. The linear machine design is best suited for the installation of RABS and isolators.

Main Features:

  • Suitable for 100% IPC and 100% torque verification
  • Various different filling systems can be integrated such as Rotary Piston Pump, Peristaltic Pump and Time Pressure Dosing
  • Offers great flexibility for processing containers such as Vials and Bottles of various shapes, sizes and materials
  • Modular machine design allows for easy customization to customer specific requirements
up to 24,000 pc/hr

Filling & Closing
Type 504-505-506

Type 504-506 machines fill and close open and pre-sealed ampoules as well as processing of vials at speeds of up to 400 containers/min. This design allows quick and easy change over from ampoules to vial processing. The rotary style machine provides a smooth and gentle continuous transport of the containers.

Main Features

  • Processes open and presealed ampoules
  •  Smooth continuous container transport minimizing breakage
  •  Rotation of the containers minimizes foaming
  •  Evenly heats ampoule stem leaving a perfect dome
  •  Compact design allows for easy integration within existing lines
up to 6,000 pc/hr

Filling & Closing Machine
Type 502-503

A transport star wheel provides smooth and continuous transfer of the objects to the working stations. Two-piece valveless dosing pumps provide precise dosing while achieving filling accuracies of up to +/- 0.05 %. The containers are continually rotated to minimize foaming of product.

Containers are closed with rubber stoppers. The stoppers are sorted by vibrating bowls before they are transferred to the closing station. The machines can be used as stand-alone or integrated into a production line.

Main Features:

  • Smooth object handling due to the use of star wheel pockets with guide bearings
  • Extremely accurate dosing with proven rotary piston pumps
  • Excellent closing results through a two-step sealing process
  • Optimized for the use under laminar  flow, RABS or isolato
up to 10,000 pc/hr

Filling & Closing
Type 543

Containers are transported separately in transport cells to processing stations. After placement of a tip cap or plunger stopper, the containers are filled and closed with either a plunger or vial stopper. The modular design easily adapts to customer specific requirements with proven assemblies such as: fully automatic in process control system, vision system for verification of tip cap or stopper, fill level verification or position verification.

Main Features: 

  • Rotary Piston, Peristaltic or Time Pressure Dosing
  • Customized Stoppering station with vacuum assistance
  • All parts in contact with the product can be easily disassembled and sterilized
  • Quick and easy size changeovers
up to 36,000 pc/hr

Filling, Stoppering, Crimp Capping
Type 550-551

Available with either three/six, four/eight or six/twelve filling heads. Precision force control for crimping and integrated visual inspection system ensures that the containers are properly sealed, faulty or unsealed containers are rejected. Adjustable main transport system allows for the processing of various container sizes, without need for size parts. The use of servo drive technology features maximum versatility and repeatability. All process parameters can be easily viewed and changed on the user friendly touch screen operator interface terminal. The balcony design provides an optimized laminar flow friendly operation inside a Class A clean room specification and can directly be combined with an isolator or a rapid access barrier system.

Main Features:

  • Adjustable main transport system for quick and easy size changeovers
  • Processes standard and lyo rubber stoppers
  • Suitable for IPC and automatic fill level adjustment
  • Best suited for through the wall installations
  • All parts in contact with the product can be easily disassembled and sterilized
  • Integrated inspection system to reject faulty containers