Semi- Automatic Stoppering Machine
Type 538

Type 538 is best suited for use in small batch processing, testing and lab trials. Stoppers are sorted in a vibratory sorting bowl before they are delivered to the insertion tube. Stoppering of containers is accomplished easily by pressing down on the control switches. Vacuum stoppering can be equipped optionally.

Main Features:

  • Vibratory sorting bowl for storage and proper positioning of the stoppers prior to insertion
  • Vacuum driven transfer tube for individual stopper insertion
  • Exhaust air is filtered by a compact filter
  • Easy and quick change of the vibratory sorting bowl allows for processing of various stopper sizes
  • Easy to clea
Screw or Crimp Capping

Semi- Automatic Screw or Crimp Capping Machine
Type 511

Type 511 machine is best suited for small batch operations, testing and lab trials. Designed to seal bottles with screw or crimp caps. Fully automatic or semi-automatic operations available. Additional options can include stand alone electical cabinet, Profibus interface or foot switch.

Main Features:

  • Design fulfills GMP and “Annex 1″ requirements
  • Integrated PLC stores individual setting parameters
  • All recipes can be downloaded for validation purposes
  • Type 511 can be integrated into an existing machine
  • Crimping pressure can be set using touch panel
  • Compressed air is not required for operation