Washing Machines for Vials and Bottles

up to 9,000 pc/h

Washing Machine
Type 303-304

This washing machine can be used as stand-alone washer or integrated into a fully automatic line. Containers are washed and dried internally at several cleaning stations. External washing and drying completes the cleaning of objects. Grippers gently transfer vials and bottles to and from the different stations. Optional Recycling Station Type 705, provides cost-efficient reconditioning of used cleaning agents.

Main Features:

  • Designed with highest grade stainless steel and plastics
  • Smooth object handling by coated grippers
  • Ultrasonic Pre-Washing
  • Energy efficient cleaning needles
  • Quick and easy size changeover
  • Cost-effective WFI recycling unit
up to 13,000 pc/h

Rotary Washing
Type 305

Type 305 machine is fed by trays and containers are washed inside and outside. The coated grippers smoothly and gently handle containers throughout the process. Designed for high efficiency and ease of cleaning. Water Recycling Unit Type 705 can be added to reduce WFI consumption. Water can be optionally heated up to 85°C /185°F.

Main Features:

  • Load from trays
  • Smooth container handling using coated grippers
  • HMI touch screen control
  • Water heaters (optional)
up to 36,000 pc/h

Balcony Washer
Type 308

Containers are pre-cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, the objects are gently lifted by grippers and are transported to the cleaning stations. This machine is fully customizable and can be equipped with additional modules for inside and outside cleaning, inner and outer blow drying, siliconizing, tip cap or needle shield application.

Main Features:

  • Separated cleaning and maintenance areas for improved machine access
  • Innovative transport system easily adapts to a wide range of different container sizes without the need for size changeovers
  • Specialized cleaning needles, designed for improved energy efficiency
  • Ultrasonic bath for pre-cleaning of the object
External Cleaning

External Washing
Type 309

Type 309 is a fully automatic continuous external washing machine. Containers are washed externally at several cleaning stations along the first two main transport wheels. A drying station aligned along the third transport wheel blow dries containers with sterile hot air before discharging containers into a tray or downstream machine. Optional Recycling Station Type 705 provides cost efficient media reuse throughout the cleaning process.

Main Features:

  • Specific needles for ideal results and energy efficiency
  • Flexible design allows for customized cleaning cycles
  • Adjustable blow drying parameters
  • Piping system to ensure complete drainage of cleaning media
  • Quick and easy size changeovers
  • Cost-effective WFI recycling unit (optional)

Water Recycling Unit
Type 705

Providing cost-efficient reconditioning of used cleaning agents, our recycling units can be added to any pharmaceutical cleaning or rinsing machines. Used fluids are collected, filtered, heated and re-supplied to the cleaning process, recycling up to 90%, depending on your existingmachinery and the specific process. Made from high-grade stainless steel and pharmaceutical grade plastics, the recycling stations are easily cleaned and sterilized.

Main Features:

  • Compact design
  • Easily integrates in any washing machine
  • Re-use of up to 90% of existing fluid