Vers-A-Tech™ (Versatile Aseptic Technology)

Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Modular Versatile Platform consisting of machines that come together to processes Bags & Nested Containers.

BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group launches First of its Kind Platform Vers-A-Tech™ to Accelerate Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing.

+ Pharmaceutical          + Biotech         + Cell & Gene Therapy

Key Features

+ Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

+ Automatically Process Nested Containers & IV Bags on the Same Machine

+ Modular Platform Technology

+ Automatic Robotic Processing

+ Isolator and/ or Laminar Flow

+ Lyophilization Transfer Chamber

+ RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System)

+ Puv-A-Tech™ Decontamination Transfer Chamber – up to 6 Log Reduction

Both IV Bags and Nested Containers are loaded and debagged under laminar flow onto a conveyor belt. A clean room robot transfers the nest and/ or Bag into the Puv-A-Tech™ Decontamination Transfer Chamber. After the surface is decontaminated, a robot places the containers onto the main transport conveyor. The robot fills and closes the containers automatically under vacuum to avoid contamination. Equipped with a Peristaltic Pump that can achieve a filling accuracy of up to +/- 0.5%. The machine guarding and RABS provides user safety while ensuring ample access to the workstations. Designed to support a top-mounted laminar flow unit and/or Isolator.