Depyrogenation Laminar Flow Tunnel for Syringes 

 Type 401-40X

Containers are fed automatically from an upstream machine or manually using trays. Subsequently they enter the single frame tube divided in to 3 major zones: a) Pre-Heating, b) Depyrogination, c) Cooling Zone. The depyrogination is performed using hot air, which is heated by an electric heating coil and constantly recirculates. Heat resistant high-capacity particle filters guarantee a Class A (100) clean room specification. The filters are mounted without a gasket to minimize generation of particles. The cooling zone gently cools down the containers before they are automatically transferred to a machine downstream.

Main Features: 

  • Air convection pre-heating and sterilizing zone for energy efficiency and gentle heating of the containers
  • Integrated transport belt with monitoring features
  • Temperature and differential pressure indicators
  • Optimum temperature distribution is achieved by multiple control sensors
  • System control and monitoring of all process relevant data via PLC
  • Servo controlled baffles aiding cross flow regulation