Ready To Fill IV Bags

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • DMF # 034197
  • Volumes 50 ml – 2 L
  • Single or Dual Chamber
  • Pre-Printing on Bags
  • Multilayer Polypropylene Based Film
  • Open or Welded Sealed Tubes
  • Sterile or Non-Sterile
  • Easy Twist Off Ports
  • Custom Sizes Made to Order

Disposable Product Path Kits

  • Customized with specific needles and connections
  • Used for transfer of high-purity and sensitive biological liquids
  • Flexible and durable tubing with low binding surface
  • Delivered gamma irradiated and double bagged
  • Pump never touches fluid; excellent choice for any sterile filling application

IV Bag Manufacturing Process

  1. Innovation: Aims to be the gold standard in the iv bag making business. We are the only supplier of empty iv bags in the United States, and have developed an innovative manufacturing machine that ensures quality and efficiency for our various sizes and types. The multi-dimensional team that has allowed for this company to grow, develop, and maintain innovation, consists of many employees with varied backgrounds, collaborating together to create a more successful system that what has ever been done before.
  1. Highest Quality: Committed to the highest product, from raw material to the final packaged product. To ensure this we take an extra step in terms of our supplier selection; our ISO 7 clean room production facilities, extensive verification and validation procedures, and comprehensive training of our team.Driven by a robust Quality Management System, with the unwavering focus on the quality of our final iv bag products. Inspired by the needs of our valued customers and the needs of patients that our customers are meeting.
  1. Fast Delivery: From the beginning, we have been determined to eliminate long lead times to our customers. Due to our production scheme and manufacturing equipment, we are focused on fast turnover, never losing sight of a safe, durable, reliable and quality product.

The above policies and beliefs are reinforced with continuous improvement of products, services and our quality management system.

Consumables Contact

BAUSCH Consumables a division of BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group, has a solution for patients in need of medical attention. On a global scale, IV Bag manufacturers have not been able to meet the demand by pharmaceutical and medical companies for Sterile Empty IV Bags. This resulted in patients not receiving the medical care that they required. BAUSCH Group believes that all patients are equal and should be receiving the same high level of care and we were inspired and determined to fill this gap.