BAUSCH Consumables, a division of BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group manufactures Aseptic IV Bags and Customized Disposable Sterile Fluid Path Tubing Kits.

IV Bags

  • Bags Manufactured in ISO 7 Certified Cleanrooms
  • Single or Dual Chamber
  • Aseptic Processing
  • Volumes 50 ml – 2 L
  • Pre-Printing on Bags
  • Multilayer Film
  • Open or Sealed Filling Tube
  • Produce 10 Million Bags a Year

Disposable Product Path Kits

  • Customized with specific needles and connections
  • Used for transfer of high-purity and sensitive biological liquids
  • Flexible and durable tubing with low binding surface
  • Delivered gamma irradiated and double bagged
  • Pump never touches fluid; excellent choice for any sterile filling application
  • BAUSCH Certificate of Compliance and Certificate of irradiation

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