Filling & Closing Machine for Cartridges

10,000 pc/hr

Filling & Closing Machine
Type 543


Cartridges are transported separately in transport cells to processing stations. After placement of a tip cap or plunger stopper, the containers are filled and closed with either a plunger or vial stopper. The modular design easily adapts to customer specific requirements with proven assemblies such as: fully automatic in process control system, vision system for verification of tip cap or stopper, fill level verification or position verification.

Main Features:

  • Rotary Piston, Peristaltic or Time Pressure Dosing
  • Customized Stoppering station with vacuum assistance
  • All parts in contact with the product can be easily disassembled and sterilized
  • Quick and easy size changeovers
36,000 pc/hr

Filling, Stoppering & Crimp Capping Machine
Type 550-551


The machine is available with either three/six, four/eight or six/twelve filling heads. Precision force control for crimping and integrated visual inspection system ensures that the containers are properly sealed, faulty or unsealed containers are rejected. Adjustable main transport system allows for the processing of various container sizes, without need for size parts. The use of servo drive technology features maximum versatility and repeatability. All process parameters can be easily viewed and changed on the user friendly touch screen operator interface terminal. The balcony design provides an optimized laminar flow friendly operation inside a Class A clean room specification and can directly be combined with an isolator or a rapid access barrier system.

Main Features:

  • Adjustable main transport system for quick and easy size changeovers
  • Processes standard and lyo rubber stoppers
  • Suitable for IPC and automatic fill level adjustment
  • Best suited for through the wall installations
  • All parts in contact with the product can be easily disassembled and sterilized
  • Integrated inspection system to reject faulty containers