Labeling Machines for Ampoules

Up to 12,000 pc/hr

Labeling Machine
Type 601


Type 601 machine is a fully automatic machine for printing and applying self adhesive labels to vials, bottles, syringes, ampoules and cartridges. Continuous motion labelers can be integrated into a production lines or operated as standalone machines. All parts are manufactured from non corrosive materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or high grade plastics which are designed and finished for ease of cleaning. Size parts are clearly marked and can be quickly and easily changed without tools. The electronic control cabinet is integrated into the machine base.

Main Features:

  • Variety of printing options
  • This machine offers great flexibility by being able to process various types of containers
  • Can be used as stand alone machine or integrated in a complete processing line
  • Highly compact machine design
  • Can be equipped with additional devices such as bar code scanner or vision system
Up to 48,000 pc/hr

Labeling Machine
Type 603


The roll-fed machine 603 applies self-adhesive labels to ampoules and similar containers. It can be used as stand-alone labeler or integrated into a fully automatic line. Size parts are clearly marked and can be quickly and easily changed without tools. Flexible assemblies such as bar code scanner, label position and label presence check, as well as several printer models, allow for an easy adaptation to customer specific requirements.

Main Features:

  • Easy accessibility to all working stations
  • Smooth, continuous container transport
  • Automatic rejection of nonconforming objects
  • Safety system ensures user protection
  • User-friendly touch screen operation
  • The electronic control cabinet is integrated into the machine bas