Up to 6,000 pc/hr

Filling & Closing Machine
Type 502-503


A transport star wheel provides smooth and continuous transfer of the ampoules to the working stations. Two-piece, valveless dosing pumps provide precise dosing while achieving filling accuracies of up to +/- 0.05 %. The containers are continually rotated to minimize foaming of product.

Furthermore, this rotation provides an evenly heated ampoule stem, leaving a perfect dome. These machines can be used as stand-alone or integrated into a production line.

Main Features:

  • Processing of open ampoules and pre-sealed ampoules
  • Smooth object handling due to the use of star wheel pockets with guide bearings
  • Extremely accurate dosing with proven rotary piston pumps
  • Excellent closing results through a two-step sealing process
  • Optimized for the use under laminar  flow, RABS or isolator
Up to 24,000 pc/hr

Filling & Closing
Type 504-505-506


Type 504-506 machines fill and close open and pre-sealed ampoules as well as processing of vials at speeds of up to 400 containers/min. This design allows quick and easy change over from ampoules to vial processing. The rotary style machine provides a smooth and gentle continuous transport of the containers.

Main Features:

  • Processes open and presealed ampoules
  • Smooth continuous container transport minimizing breakage
  • Rotation of the containers minimizes foaming
  • Evenly heats ampoule stem leaving a perfect dome
  • Compact design allows for easy integration within existing lines