Type 708
Laminar Flow Unit

The Type 708 can be installed above dosing machines or used as standalone work bench. Particles are removed by ultra fine particle filters of Class F5 on the aspiration side. Class H 14 particle filters clean the air on the exhaust side of the unit, which flows downward with minimal turbulence. An air speed of approximately 0.45 m/s provides a continuous cleaning process which meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Main Features:

  • All external components are made of easy to clean stainless steel
  • Tri-Clamp connections are included for DEHS-tests
  • Constant air velocity is achieved through automatic speed regulation of the radial fan by monitoring the filter resistance
  • Digital display of air velocity
  • Visual indicator when filter replacement necessary
  • Indicator for stand-by mode
  • Analog display for differential pressure between environment and the fan chamber

Type 802
Rotary Piston Pump

Our rotary piston pumps are manufactured from a single piece of 316L stainless steel, providing all the benefits of rotary piston technology without the worry of welded components. They provide precise dosing while achieving filling accuracies of up to +/- 0.05%. The pumps cover dosing ranges from 0.01 ml to 100 ml and can be used in any filling machine.


Type 557
Peristaltic Pump

The Type 557 provides a highly accurate fill while minimizing the risk of product contamination. Completely isolated by the peristaltic pump action, particularly aggressive products and/ or environmentally sensitive fluids can be safely delivered through the machine. As the only part in contact with the liquid, pharmaceutical grade tubing ensures a sterile product transfer.


Filling, Rinsing and Gassing Needles

We provide rinsing, filling and gassing needles in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet all typical pharmaceutical needs. Custom needles for special purposes or non-standard sizes are also produced. All needles are made from high grade stainless steel, are laser-welded, electro-polished and easy to clean.