Type 211/212
Safety Device Assembly Machines for Pre-Filled Syringes

The Type 211 and 212 machines achieve outputs of approximately 350 assemblies per minute. The syringes are centered automatically by a cam-controlled centering system before they are gently pre-inserted into the safety devices running on the transport belt below. The transport belt feeds the pre-assembly into the final insertion station where the device is fully inserted by two set of tools. The outer tools hold the device in place to prevent device activation while the inner tools gently push the syringe flange into position. A module for the assembly of back stops can be added. A configuration with a safety device labeling station is available as machine Type 212.

Main Features:

  • Various syringe and safety device sizes can be processed
  • Reduced tooling for quick and easy size changeover
  • Precision feed with part separating for trouble-free feeding
  • Rejects non-conformed objects automatically
  • The Type 212 machine features a labeling station for safety devices
  • One transport system for device and syringe handling