Type 601/602
Labeling Machines

The Type 601/602 machines are compact, fully automatic, roll-fed machines for applying selfadhesive labels to ampoules, vials, cartridges and syringes. These high capacity, continuous motion labelers can be integrated into a production line or operated as stand-alone machines. Virtually all parts are manufactured from non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or high-grade plastics, and are designed and finished for ease of cleaning. Size parts are clearly marked and can be quickly and easily changed without tools. The electronic control cabinet is integrated into the machine base. The machines are operated from a single operating panel. All production data can be viewed on the display.

Main Features:

  • Containers are automatically fed from a machine upstream or manually using trays
  • Individual transport of the containers to the labeling station by a star wheel
  • Containers are discharged into trays
  • Label dispenser is controlled by a stepping motor and can be equipped with additional devices such as bar code scanner, printer or checking units
  • User-friendly touch screen operation
  • Easily exchangeable size parts allow for many containers to be processed
Type 607
Labeling and Plunger Rod Insertion Machine

The machine Type 607 is a rotary style assembly and labeling machine, able to process a wide variety of syringes and plunger rods. The servo controlled motion of the main drive in connection with the servo controlled rotation motion of the syringe allows very precise fine-tuning. The rotation-motion servo accurately monitors the torque therefore avoiding any motion of the plunger stopper. The plunger rod insertion is mechanically controlled offering a complete consistency of the motion. Additional features include a fully integrated vision system for verification of component assembly, print verification as well as a user-friendly touch screen operator interface terminal. A backstop assembly station can be added as an option.

Main Features:

  • High precision servo drive motion
  • Various syringe and plunger rod sizes can be processed
  • Assembly of back stops available as an option
  • Automatic rejection of non-conforming objects
  • Containers are discharged into trays or a machine downstream
  • User-friendly touch screen operation