Big Things Are Happening…

Due to our rapidly increasing production demand for aseptic filling applications and pharmaceutical related equipment, Bausch Advanced Technology Group (BATG) is rejuvenating it’s priorities and enterprise throughout our four manufacturing facilities.

Base Europe located in Hainspitz, Germany has doubled its manufacturing capabilities as a result of increased market demand by expanding production with the installation of additional CNC, lathe, milling machines and expert machinists. Base Europe has become the leader in the European market and is acquiring new manufacturing responsibilities throughout the world.

Bausch Advanced Technologies located in Clinton, CT USA has increased mechanical and electrical engineering capacity by hiring additional experienced staff. Expansion is under way extending the assembly floor 10,000 sq/ft which will increase overall production. The new facility enlargement has brought numerous new employment opportunities.

Basim located in Brazil, Canela, Rio Grande do Sul has announced additional manufacturing capabilities due to the enormous growth in the South American market. Change of management has been handed to Fredric Biondi in January of 2013, since then the overall presentation, delivery of new equipment, company performance, parts and service significantly improved.

The two Swiss sites, previously known as Alphacos and A-pack Technologies have been combined in early 2013 and renamed to Bausch Switzerland. Their main focus is world sales, in addition to providing services to the Swiss markets. The company is amplifying its efforts on sales and customer service support in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Bausch Advanced Technology Group is increasing efficiency and keeping technology up to date while implementing necessary adjustments to conform to the needs our rapidly increasing customer base. By combining our knowledge, resources and teams we have increased sales worldwide allowing us to expand our current market presence in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


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