Introducing Type 607

Bausch Advanced Technology Group introduces its fully automatic Type 607 machine, a high-speed plunger rod insertion machine combined with a label dispenser offering an output of up to 400 assemblies per minute.

The machine is a continuous rotary type machine with a very compact footprint. The servo controlled motion of the main drive in connection with the servo controlled rotation motion of the syringe allows very accurate finetuning. The servo of the rotation motion monitors the torque very precisely thus avoiding any motion of the plunger stopper. The plunger rod insertion is mechanically controlled offering a 100% repeatability of the motion.

Additional features include a fully integrated vision system for verification of component assembly and print verification, an easy, tool-less change over of the plunger rod, syringe and backstop size parts, a user friendly interface through a color touch screen operating terminal and a backstop assembly station.

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