Introducing Patch Filler and Sealer Type 552

The latest fully customized machine Type 552 that A-Pack SA has developed is a worldwide novelty.

A-Pack’s customer expects launching an innovative and very promising new concept of allergy testing on patients. The system is based on a patch, which indicates reactions to allergens. The patch consists of fleece pads impregnated with different solutions which, when applied to a patient’s arm, identify whether or not the patient is allergic to a specific range of allergens.

The machine developed for that specific application is a semiautomatic machine based on an aseptic filling process. The design is operator friendly, avoids human interaction with the aseptic process and is easy to clean. The patch packages are manually fed into a tray which is placed on a turntable.

A fully automatic transport system then transfers each package separately to the various stations. The dosing of the allergens is accomplished via servo-driven, high-precision valveless dosing pumps. Once a patch has been filled, it is sealed with foil and automatically discharged into a tray on a second turntable.

For high flexibility the dosing station has been designed as a stand alone module, allowing the customer to use the system on other filling machines. The PLC and the user-friendly touch screen interface makes operation, as well as changing and saving parameters very easy. The machine is compliant to cGMP, GAMP5 and CE standards and has the capability to run 350 packages per hour under a laminar flow unit (class 100).

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