Filling and Closing Machine Type 534 delivered

The 534009 Filling and Closing machine is primarily designed for dosing and closing of vials. The vials can either be manually fed by the operator onto the infeed turntable or automatically from a sterilizing tunnel (depyrogenation tunnel).

After the containers have been de-ionized at the infeed, they pass an IPC (in-process-control) scale measuring the tare weight of the empty vials before they move on to the gas flushing and filling process. The filled containers are weighed again in order to determine their gross weight. Afterwards the vials travel down the line to the stopper placement and checking station, followed by the cap placement and checking station, and the crimping station.

Based on the actual fill volume (determined by the PLC with the data received from the IPC system), and the data received from the stopper and cap checking stations, the system decides whether or not to remove the container from the transport system by forwarding it to the reject station. Should the container pass the quality checks, it travels past the reject station to the single tray loader discharge station.

The 534009 is encased in a hard wall barrier with glove ports and a barrier after the filling station, between the stoppering and capping process, in which only a small opening is used to transfer the stoppered vial to the capping station.
The filling and closing machine is part of a line. The second part, a Sterilizing Tunnel Type 401, will be delivered within the next weeks.

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