Introducing Syringe and Vial Inspection Machine Type 535

Bausch Advanced Technologies, Inc. introduces a special version of the Type 535 machine. The newly designed inspection machine will be used for checking filled vials and syringes for embedded particles.

The pre-nested syringes and vials are manually inserted in the machine, using a tray loading drawer. Once the drawer is locked in place, a clean room robot takes each object individually, presenting it to the camera system supplied by the customer. After the object has been picked up by the servo driven and pneumatically controlled gripper, the robot arm makes a 90° turn and holds the object right in front of the camera system. Vials are then spun around their Y-axis to stir up possible particles, while syringes are flipped 180° (tip-side up), and then rotated. After the camera system has checked the object for possible particles, an approved container will be placed back into the tray, while a rejected container will be dropped into a reject box, located next to the tray.
The machine features a dark blue tinted acrylic glass guarding, supporting the inspection process by ensuring a dark inside chamber. Furthermore the machine is equipped with a lifting platform for syringes, making it easier for the roboter arm to grip a syringe.

The output of the machine is highly dependent on the camera system used. This particular model has an output of approximately 6 objects/minute and will be widely used in Research and Development of its customer.

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