Introducing New Version of Machine Type 515

Bausch Advanced Technologies, Inc. introduces a new version of the Type 515 machine. The versatile design of our regular Type 515 has been enhanced and is now available as servo controlled syringe piston insertion machine with back stop assembly.

The syringes are manually fed into an infeed chute, which transfers them to a transport star wheel. Plunger rods are supplied from a vibratory sorting bowl and travel down a feed track to the insertion station. A vacuum activated pick and place unit tool takes the plunger rods out of the feed track and precisely inserts them directly into the syringe.
Once a plunger rod has been placed, the syringes are advanced to the backstop insertion station by the star wheel.

Backstops are also supplied from a sorting bowl and transferred to the insertion station via a vibratory feed track. The backstops are directly conveyed into a pneumatically controlled nest, which shifts them into the load position. A pneumatic pusher then inserts the backstops onto the syringe flange before the objects are gently discharged.

The new Type 515 version features a fully integrated vision system for verification of component assembly, an easy, tool-less change over of the plunger rod, syringe and backstop size parts as well as a user friendly operator interface terminal.

The machine can handle syringes with a diameter ranging from 16 to 52 mm and height from 30 to 130 mm and allows for speeds of up to 60 assemblies per minute.

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