Introducing External Washing Machine Type 309

Bausch Advanced Technology Group’s German manufacturing site, Base Europe GmbH, introduces its latest development – the fully automatic washer Type 309. Dedicated to the external cleaning of ampoules, vials and bottles, the machine is capable of speeds of up to 21,000 objects/hour (350 pc/min), when processing 1-5 ml objects.

A wide range of pharmaceutical drugs are toxic and higly allergenic even in small amounts. To ensure the safety of personnel and patients, objects filled with these drugs must be thoroughly cleaned and any possible residue removed from the outer surface of the container. A clean outer surface is also a necessity for post-filling processes such as labeling and inspection.

The use of newly developed cleaning nozzles allows for a cost efficient and ecologically friendly cleaning process, featuring an optimized media flow and high pressure technology. By adjusting the amount of nozzles, the cleaning cycle can be fully customized based on client specific needs.

The containers are fed automatically from an upstream machine or manually using trays. An infeed scroll transfers the containers to a star wheel system which guides them to the various cleaning stations. The containers are washed externally at several cleaning stations along the first two main transport wheels. A drying station aligned along the third transport wheel blow dries the containers with sterile, hot air before they are gently discharged into a tray or a downstream machine.
An optional recycling station, Type 705, provides cost-efficient reconditioning of used cleaning agents and allows for re-use of WFI in the pre-cleaning as well as in the main cleaning station.

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