Type 515
Filling and Closing Machine for Vials, Syringes, and Bottles

The Type 515 is a monoblock machine to process vials with the following steps: a) ultra high accuracy filling (up to +/- 0.05 %) of liquids or powder products, with possible fill volumes down to 0.01 ml, b) closing with stoppers or press-in dropper inserts, c) closing with crimp or screw caps. Optional gassing stations are available to minimize residual oxygen. Containers are automatically discharged into trays, faulty containers get rejected. All control components are integrated in the machine base to achieve a compact footprint.

Main Features:

  • Powder or liquid filling
  • Highly flexible and compact design
  • Ultra high filling accuracy
  • Few size parts, quick changeover
  • Integrated inspection system to reject faulty vials

Type 525
Filling and Closing for Nested Vials, Syringes, and Cartridges

The nests are loaded manually and under laminar flow on the rotary table. A clean room robot fills and closes the containers automatically. To ensure accurate and precise dosing, the machine is equipped with a rotary piston pump, which can achieve filling accuracies of up to +/- 0.1 %. The containers can be filled and closed under vacuum to avoid contamination, particle generation and avoidance of air presence. The machine guarding provides user safety while ensuring ample access to the workstations. The machine is designed to support an optional top-mounted laminar flow unit.

Main Features:

  • Manual nest loading and unloading
  • Turn table infeed and outfeed
  • Rotary piston pump, BAUSCH Peristaltic PumpTM or time pressure
  • 6-Axis cleanroom robot or X-Y transport system
  • Sorting bowls for closures
  • Vacumm filling and placement of stoppers into containers
  • Compact machine design with integrated Laminar Air Flow

Type 525-526
Aseptic Automatic Filling and Closing Machines for Bags

Type 525-526 features include tube clamping mechanism to prevent particle penetration into bag, various filling modules for a large variety of bag sizes and a precise servo driven closing process. Options available include pre, during and post gassing. RF, ultrasonic, thermo sealing or camera inspection. These machines process outputs up to 6,000 bags/hour and can handle a range of bags between 50ml and 5,000ml. Each machine is equipped with state of the art, user friendly and color touch screen for ease of operation.

Main features:

  • Aseptic processing of various types and sizes of bags
  • Mass flow filling system with automatic CIP/SIP or BAUSCH Peristaltic PumpTM
  • Radio frequency, ultra sonic or thermo sealing
  • Pre, during and post gassing
  • Bag printing options, automatic loading and camera inspection available
  • User-friendly touch screen operation and system control via HMI

Type 529
Filling and Closing Machine for IV Bags

Type 529 Bag Filling and Closing Machine features a modular design which is user friendly and easy to clean. The color touch screen control panel offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. To operate the system insert the bag and the machine automatically fills and places the closure in place. Components and fill volume changeovers are fast and simple. The 529 can be used as a stand alone or integrated into a larger production line.

Main features:

  • Table top, dual, semi-automated conveyor and automatic system versions
  • Peristaltic or mass flow filling method options
  • Attached flow regulator for high filling accuracy
  • Automatically cut pre-sealed tubes for filling
  • Stopper insertion, heat sealing or RF sealing
  • Manual or conveyor belt transport system
  • Integrated closing system eliminates product contamination
  • Laminar flow, light curtain and table top versions available

Type 534
Filling and Closing Machine for Vials and Bottles

This machine can process a wide variety of products. Due to its modular approach it can be easily customized based on customer specific requirements. Proven assemblies such as infeed turntable, high accuracy filling stations (up to 4), various closing modules for screw and crimp caps, as well as different discharge models are available. The linear machine design is best suited for the installation of laminar flow units, RABS and isolators.

Main Features:

  • Accurate dosing is accomplished using a rotary piston pump
  • Safety system ensures optimal user protection
  • User-friendly touch screen operation and system control via PLC
  • Laminar flow suitable design made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Screw capping or crimp capping available as an option

Type 543
Filling and Closing Machine for Vials, Syringes, and Cartridges

The machine allows for the processing of a wide range of vials, cartridges and syringes. The containers are transported separately in transport cells to the several work stations. After placing of a tip cap or plunger stopper, the containers are filled and closed with either a plunger or vial stopper. The modular design allows for many configurations of various filling and closing systems. The design easily adapts to customer specific requirements with proven assemblies such as: fully automatic in process control system, vision system for verification of tip cap stopper, fill level verification or position verification.

Main Features:

  • Rotary piston pump, peristaltic pump or time-pressure dosing
  • Customized stoppering station with vacuum assist
  • Direct on line verification with camera system
  • All parts in contact with the product can be easily disassembled and sterilized
  • Quick and easy size changeovers

Type 550
Filling and Closing Machine for Vials and Bottles

The machine is available with either three/six, four/eight, or six/twelve filling heads. An adjustable main transport system allows for the processing of various container sizes, without the need for size parts. The use of servo drive technology features maximum versatility and repeatability. All process parameters can be easily viewed and changed on the user-friendly touch screen operator interface terminal. The balcony design provides an optimized laminar flow friendly operation inside a Class A clean room specification and can directly be combined with an isolator or a rapid access barrier system.

Main Features:

  • Processes standard and freeze-dried rubber stoppers
  • Best suited for through-the-wall installations
  • Adjustable main transport system for quick and easy size changeovers
  • All parts in contact with the product can be easily disassembled and sterilized
  • Pre and post gassing available as an option
  • Integrated inspection system to reject faulty containers