Bausch Consumables, a division of BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group, manufactures made-to-order sterile “Ready to Use” IV Bags and single-use fluid pathway kits.

Ready-to-Use IV Bags

Bags are produced in ISO Class 7 certified cleanrooms, located at our manufacturing facility in Clinton, CT USA. Along with supplying empty IV Bags, our IV Bag Fillers and Sealing machines go hand in hand.

  • Aseptic filling applications or terminal sterilization
  • Custom sized-bags from 50 ml to 1 L
  • Single, dual, or triple chamber bags
  • Preprinted on multilayer film
  • Custom ports
  • Made in an ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom
  • Manufactured in the USA

Single-Use Fluid Pathway Kits

Our single-use fluid pathway kits are made to user specification for sterile filling applications.

  • Flexible low binding tubing
  • Gamma irradiation
  • Disposable or reusable needles
  • Aseptic quick connectors

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