Bausch Advanced Technologies, Inc.
115 Nod Road
Clinton, CT 06413
Phone:   +1 860 669 7380
Fax:       +1 860 552 0300



Integrating the resources and experiences from its sister companies – Bausch Switzerland, BASIM and BASE EUROPE – in aseptic processing design, manufacturing and fabrication, BAUSCH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES was established in 2004, with the objective of specializing in superior systems for primary packaging of syringes, cartridges and vials for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

BAUSCH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES has teamed up with global pioneers in the area of aseptic containment and isolation systems, sterile decontamination systems, sterile transfer systems, etc., to provide a high value, high quality, and worth in our machinery for customer needs, also concentrating in both efficiency and safety during its operation.

BAUSCH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES has become a leader in the North American market and has established an excellent relationship with most of the top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies, worldwide.