Bausch Switzerland SA
Rue de la Source 1
CH-2822 Courroux
Phone:   +41 32 421 4555
Fax:       +41 32 421 4554


Back in 1995, Bausch Switzerland SA (formerly A-Pack Technologies S.A. and Alphacos S.A. ) was established in one of the most economically successful European countries, Switzerland. Having factories, design team and an independent headquarter, located in the Jura Economic & Technical Development Zone, Bausch Switzerland was able to engage in the R&D of IV bag systems, and provided integrated services in Europe and in the rest of the World. Due to the high demand and need for restructuration, the design, manufacture, fabrication and after-sales support services have been transferred throughout the rest of the Group allowing Bausch Switzerland to focus on sales, management and financial services.