Combination Processing Machine Type 515

Filling and Sealing Machine Type 515 by Bausch Advanced Technology Group is a combination-processing machine for vials and syringes. Both vials and syringes are processed using the same stations with a simple size parts exchange.

515023 overview1During processing of vials the operator loads the containers from trays onto a rotary table that is both buffer and inlet into the servo driven transport system. The vials are transported into a star wheel that will move them from station to station starting with the dosing station. Filling needles are controlled by a servo drive for fast and accurate dosing range. Stoppers are fed through a vibratory sorting bowl and picked up by a vacuum tool for precise insertion. Crimp capping is performed using single disc system to minimize particles generation. Alternatively particles extractions can be added to increase the cleanliness even more.

Quick and easy changeover size-parts are available to transform the machine into syringe processing machine. Operator places nests with syringes onto a plate that lifts them for ease of loading. Operator feeds the syringes row by row into the in-feed slide. Syringes are filled on the same dosing system and are stoppered on the same station as the vials. All containers are monitored and ones that are not processed correctly will be removed through the reject station.

The machine features a guarding that has RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) creating a clean environment and a physical barrier between workers and production areas. A control system using weigh cells verify filling accuracy for 100% In Process Control. Many additional features can be easily integrated into this machine depending on the processing needs.