De-Vialer Extraction

•Cleanroom Robot removes Sealed Vials from the Nest
•Vials are placed upside down on the Extraction Station
•A Needle pokes through the Sealed Stopper
•Peristaltic Pump will extract the liquid insideLearn more


Type 529 Automatic Processing With Robotics

BAUSCH GROUP has released a brand new generation of the Automatic IV Bag Processing Machine Type 529.

Updated features to this machine include a cleanroom robot to load IV Bags onto the processing conveyor and a second robot to process the Filling and Ultra Sonic Sealing. An automatic conveyor transports the bags to speed up the process and get most ROI. Currently BAUSCH has three different versions of our Type 529 machine. Which one is best for your needs?

  1. Type 529 Semi-Automatic Table Top (1- up)
  2. Type 520 Semi-Automatic (2-up)
  3. Type 529 Automatic with Robotic Processing (2-up)

Vaccine Development at German Customer

The new vaccines for COVID-19 are starting to slowly come out the end of this year. Now comes the next challenge of administering the shots. A customer of ours located in Dessau, Germany is currently developing the vaccine using our Filling and Closing Machine Type 515 for Vials and Syringes.

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