Type 515 Plunger Rod & Backstop Insertion

Syringes are manually fed into an infeed chute, which transfers them to the main transport system – an automated transport starwheel. The starwheel moves the product through four different stations, helping assemble up to 60 syringes per minute. Plunger rods are supplied from a vibratory sorting bowl and travel down a feed track to the insertion station. A pneumatically-actuated gripper assembly picks up the plunger rod from the end of the vibratory track and leverages a 2-axis robotic arm to thread it into a syringe. At the second station, backstops are carefully placed on the flange of each syringe. The third and fourth stations check for plunger rod and backstop presence.

Main Features:1_Overview_Pic1_515014

  • Syringe Infeed
  • Plunger Rod Sorting Bowl
  • Plunger Rod Insertion Station
  • Label Dispenser (optional)
  • Backstop Sorting Bowl
  • Backstop Placement Station
  • Reject Station
  • Discharge
  • Labeling Station (optional)
  • Operator Interface Terminal (Touch Screen)