New Generation of IV Bag Filling & Closing System

Bausch Advanced Technology Group is introducing its 2nd generation Type 529 Semi-Automatic IV Bag Filling and Closing Machine for aseptic packaging of infusions, parenteral drugs and other pharmaceutical and biotech fluids. Ideal for hospitals, laboratories, biotech companies and manufacturers that require aseptic fills, the modular Type 529 is user friendly, easy to clean, flexible and cost efficient.

The 2nd generation semi-Automatic IV Bag Filling and Closing Machine Type 529 handles IV bags from 10 ml to 10 liters made of any materials, producing up to 1’600 aseptic bags per hour depending on volume. Introducing a commercially viable alternative to traditional aseptic vials, Bausch Advanced Technology Group updated IV bag system offers a new concept in aseptic filling. Indeed, the machine features a new design in which nothing stands between the way of the laminar air flow and the open bag. Thus, the machine design is perfectly suited for isolator or cRABS applications.

The 2nd generation Type 529 machines can be combined with semi-automatic IV bag inspection machines as well as IV bag check weighing and leak test machines.